Can't Give an Inch at WVU Hospital and Atrium Infill Project

Low-headroom drilling and congested work area didn't slow Brayman's Large Diameter Group at the West Virginia University Hospital. In February Brayman was contracted by W.G Yates Construction to drill and install 81 building foundation caissons for the West Virginia University Hospital Atrium & Infill Project in Morgantown.

The building caissons range from 30" to 48" in diameter with lengths of up to 40' in hard shale bedrock. The scope of work also includes survey, spoils removal and rebar. The hard shale bedrock drilling is the easy part of this project. It's the low-headroom drilling restrictions of less than 23' to drill these caissons that has posed the biggest challenge.

Just days prior to mobilization, Brayman had to retrofit its CZM drill rig with a new low-headroom drill kit. The low-headroom drill kit is being used for the first time by Brayman on this project and has proven to be the right piece for the job.

The demanding project schedule actually required Brayman to provide two drill rigs with low-headroom capabilities, but they managerd to meet the schedule with just one.

With only inches to spare, both vertically and horizontally, Brayman finished phase one of the project ahead of schedule. The second phase of the project will begin in July.