First Post-Tensioned Precast Deck Panel Bridge for Brayman

The Rodney Staton Memorial Bridge is the first ever post-tensioned precast deck panel bridge to be built in the state of West Virginia and to be built by Brayman. The bridge crosses R.D. Bailey Lake, which is located in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming County. The three pier bridge spans a total length of approximately 630'.

Decades of heavy coal truck traffic have taken a toll on the bridge. As a result, major deck and superstructure steel repairs are required to bring it up to today's loading standards.

Brayman began bridge construction in April on the $4.29M project and crews have already made significant progress. The project was broken into 2 phases or halves of the bridge, and consist of steel repairs and deck replacements. Once the first half of the bridge deck was removed and steel repairs were complete, Brayman placed the first precast panel on the bridge and made history in West Virginia.

When the project is complete, a total of 152 panels will be placed. Each panel has 6 shear stud pockets with 5 each ⅞" x 6" studs that must be placed in the correct locations, per the set of plan dimensions. After the deck panels are placed and adjusted to grade, grout is then placed in the transverse joints. The panels are then post tensioned and grout is placed in the post tensioning ducts, shear stud pockets and in the haunch.

At the end of Phase 2, a 1' wide longitudinal closure pour on the center line of the bridge will tie the two-lane bridge together. The project is expected to be completed in November of 2014.