Steel Erection to Begin at Lilly Bridge

Lilly Bridge spans Bluestone Lake in Summers County, WV, and is one of only seven remaining cantilever truss bridges in the state. Constructed as part of the Flood Control Act to build the Bluestone Dam, Lilly Bridge is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. The new Lilly Bridge is being built adjacent to the existing bridge and will be the key access rout to overtake the old bridge.

The new Lilly Bridge project spans a total length of 1,220' with a total of four brand new architecturally finished piers. The architectural finish on the piers is a natural West Virginia Aged Sandstone ranging in heights of 84' to 102'.

The total vertical length of the piers vary from 142' to 160' which includes the lengths of the rock socket, the caisson, and the pier shaft. The diameter of the piers from the rock socket to the pier shaft is approximately 10', then from the pier shaft to the bottom of the pier cap the diameter is approximately 10' 6". The pier caps are 7' in width with a 10' 6" diameter blister and a total of 52' 6" in length and add an additional 15' to the height if the bridge.

All the pier columns and pier caps have been successfully formed and poured. Currently the project is in the process of setting up and starting on the construction of Abutment 2 where 29 150' long micropiles will be installed. The construction of Abutment 1 and its wing walls have been completed. Structural steel is currently scheduled to start erecting in early July. Construction will continue to progress through the summer and the project is expected to be completed in June of 2016.