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Brayman is a leading heavy civil and deep foundation contractor headquartered in Saxonburg, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Incorporated in 1947, as a family-owned business with a staff of two, Brayman has grown, diversified and evolved its construction services from a small bridge and concrete company to a large, nationally recognized provider of complex, heavy civil construction projects servicing both public and private sector clients.

The Company has expertise in a wide variety of projects including large scale complex bridges, deep foundations, marine and dam construction and rehabilitation, complex and heavy steel erection and rehabilitation, and demolition services.

Brayman Construction: Safety Isn't Just Our Commitment – It's Our Culture.


At Brayman Construction, safety isn't just a catchphrase – it defines our culture and directs our operations every single day. While many see safety as an obligation, we see it as a steadfast commitment. Our unwavering dedication to ensuring the well-being of everyone involved in our projects, from our team members to our clients and the general public, sets us apart in the industry.

Safety in Action, Not Just Words

Our motto, safety is our attitude for life, is not an empty promise, but a challenge demanding a team effort and requiring tenacity to attain our zero-incident goal. We understand that words mean little without action. For us, safety is more than just a topic of discussion; it is integrated into our daily practices, irrespective of the setting:

Active Project Site

Whether it's a bustling construction zone or a remote project site, our protocols and safety standards remain uncompromised.

Fabrication Shop

Precision and safety go hand in hand. Even in controlled environments, we prioritize the well-being of our staff and the quality of our deliverables.

Corporate Office

Safety isn’t limited to field operations. It extends to our corporate settings where our team is empowered to instill a safety-first mindset.

Our safety professionals play a pivotal role in upholding these standards. Empowered by our management and equipped with the right tools, they are committed to ushering in positive changes and ensuring safety protocols are met without exception.

Our Cardinal Safety Rules

We are dedicated to providing the training, tools, and procedures, necessary to ensure every team member and subcontractor go home to their families at the end of each workday, the same way they arrived, injury-free.

Brayman Construction and its affiliates understand that a successful project is one that's completed with utmost safety. We are unwavering in our commitment and invite our partners, clients, and community to join us in making safety a daily priority.

To keep our commitment tangible and actionable, we adhere strictly to our cardinal safety rules:
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Icon
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The appropriate PPE for a task isn't an option – it's a must. Everyone is expected to wear and use PPE based on the specifics of their job, always

Isolation and Lock Out Icon
Isolation and Lock Out

No shortcuts. Procedures for isolation and lockout are vital for safety and are strictly enforced at every step.

Fall Protection icon
Fall Protection

Working above six feet from the nearest safe surface? Proper fall protection isn't a choice; it's a mandate.

Overhead Loads icon
Overhead Loads

Safety first means never compromising. No personnel will knowingly pass a load over someone or walk under a suspended load, irrespective of the equipment in use.

Drug & Alcohol Policy icon
Drug & Alcohol Policy

Clear and unequivocal. If one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are not to work. We prioritize mental and physical readiness to ensure the safety of all.

The Brayman Advantage

Great Teams Build Great Works

As a general contractor at the forefront of innovation, Brayman isn’t content to merely coordinate - we dive in headfirst. With our ability to self-perform most tasks, we don't just manage; we create, we build, and we transform. This unparalleled strength comes from the leverage we gain through our affiliates. When you work with Brayman, you have the option of partnering with one, several, or all of our affiliates, ensuring a fluidity and comprehensiveness that few others can match.

WVPA Bridge

Our People

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One Vision, Multiple Expertise

Meet the Affiliates

Brayman Construction offers a unified vision with diverse expertise through its affiliates. Powering independent excellence under the Brayman Construction umbrella, our affiliates stand as leaders in their own right. Together, we form a dynamic network, each contributing to a legacy of construction innovation and superior project execution.

Advantage Steel & Construction

Advantage Steel and Construction specializes in complex steel construction and fabrication, tackling challenges others shy away from. Their expertise spans advanced bridge erection, custom temporary supports, and unique building projects. They are recognized throughout the industry for having a wide variety of unique steel fabrication applications and AISC certifications for fabrication of Advanced Steel Bridges (ABR) with a Fracture Critical Endorsement (FCE), Simple Building Fabrication (BU), and Sophisticated Painting Endorsement (SPE).

Brayman Precast logo

Brayman Precast

Brayman Precast leads in designing and manufacturing complex precast concrete components for buildings and infrastructure, prioritizing safety, quality, and innovation. Their products range, from stairs and landing systems to bridge decks and wall panels, showcase their commitment to functional and structural integrity. As a full-service rebar fabricator, they excel in producing precise shapes and cuts for any project scale, offering time and cost-saving solutions like pre-tied cages, ready for immediate installation.


SUS (Specialty Underwater Services) specializes in comprehensive underwater marine projects, working above and below the waterline. From intricate bridge and dam construction to pipeline and emergency services, they leverage their locations in Pittsburgh, PA, and Baltimore, MD, to respond swiftly across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Their expertise in industrial diving, heavy marine construction, and maintenance is unmatched, making them a reliable partner for diverse marine needs.

Advanced Construction Robotics

Advanced Construction Robotics seamlessly integrates robotic solutions as modern tools of the trade. Thier innovations like TyBOT® and IronBOT® are revolutionizing the industry, significantly reducing project timelines and addressing labor challenges. They’re not just developing technology; they’re shaping a modern workforce poised to transform the landscape of construction.

Brayman History

The Beginning

Brayman Construction was incorporated with a staff of two

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