Deep Foundation Drilling & Grouting

Secant / Tangent Walls

Constructing secure secant and tangent walls for earth retention.

Secant / Tangent Walls

Brayman’s scope of work required installation of deep foundation systems for the elevated guideways and stations.
This project exemplified Brayman's ability to offer "one stop shopping" for construction services by featuring several capabilities including high capacity dam anchors, temporary shoring, and driven piling.
Not only was our team able to prevent the roadway from sliding into Ten Mile Creek, we also prevented an ensuing road closure accompanied by a 35-mile traffic detour.
Brayman’s scope of work included installation of soldier beams, and tiebacks anchors while working closely with other contractors on precast panel installation and backfilling activities.
Brayman’s scope of work required installation of a secant pile excavation support system comprised of 152-each, 48-inch diameter interconnecting secant piles (12,309-LF) with depths up to 91-feet, as well as installation of 150-each, 18-inch diameter augercast piles for structure foundation support.

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