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Marine Construction

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Marine Construction

Brayman Construction was awarded a contract to provide specialized construction services in support of a dam improvement project located on the Dan River near Eden, North Carolina.
Brayman was contracted by the Black & Veatch Corporation to construct a new barge unloading and mooring facility as part of the necessary flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) upgrades at the existing Cardinal Power Station located in Brilliant, OH.
Brayman was contracted by the WV Division of Highways to construct a new 2,975’ long concrete segmental bridge outside of Charleston, WV to carry eastbound I-64 over the Kanawha River.
The new River Wall project is a component of a larger effort to improve and modernize the navigation facilities on the Lower Monongahela River between Braddock and Charleroi.
The Ices Ferry Bridge project involved the replacement of a steel through-truss bridge with a new 960-LF four-span steel girder bridge located near Morgantown, WV.
Brayman was contracted to install precast concrete coffer boxes around the pipe to allow for easier access to the pipe for cleaning operations.
Not only was our team able to prevent the roadway from sliding into Ten Mile Creek, we also prevented an ensuing road closure accompanied by a 35-mile traffic detour.
Brayman was selected to install 50 epoxy coated dam anchors, which upgraded the structure to current federal dam safety standards.
Post tension anchors, spillway access platforms, underwater anchors, increased dam height via post tensioned pre-cast panels, 2 mile access road, shoring, caissons, soil nail wall, this job had it all.
The project consisted of two phases. Phase 1 involved the installation of an anchored sheet pile retaining wall and the installation of eight 120-inch diameter caissons. Phase 2 included the installation of structural steel beams and the construction of a 120-foot by 46-foot concrete deck.
The Masontown Bridge project involved the replacement of an existing 11-span, two lane steel truss structure with a new 1,700-LF 7-span four lane plate girder bridge.
The project scope involves building seven, separate precast concrete structures offsite, then loading the segments onto barges, delivering them to the job site, and assembling them into place, under water, using floating A-frame cranes.
The new 338-feet long two-lane bridge was constructed with the substructure founded on cast-in-place concrete pipe piles.
The Lilly Bridge project involved replacement of a cantilever truss bridge with a new 1,220-LF five-span, fabricated steel girder bridge.
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Replacement of the Hulton Bridge near Oakmont, PA, involved the replacement of a two lane truss bridge with a new 1,633 LF four lane five span haunched girder bridge erected upstream of the existing bridge on the Allegheny River.
This award winning new bridge is a cable stay structure with 326’ tall delta shaped towers and a 900’ main span (the longest span ever constructed by ODOT).
The Allegheny County Sewer Authority awarded Brayman the emergency procurement contract to repair and replace the A-34 Diversion Structure located along the Allegheny River in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA.
The modernization effort at this site will ultimately result in the construction of two new 84-feet wide by 720-feet long chambers to replace the existing 56-feet wide lock currently in operation.
This project consists of four and one-half feet drilled Shafts at the abutments and six and one-half feet drilled shafts at the river piers.
The Prettyboy Dam project involved the installation of an underwater anchorage system necessary to secure the concrete gatehouse to the dam.
A sheet pile cofferdam was installed down the center of the existing stilling basin to divide the spillway in half in preparation for the Phase 5 Spillway Reconstruction Project.
Brayman was contracted to install underwater anchors to hold a new half mile long boat barrier.
Project consists of 60,000 CY of rock excavation, 65,000 CY common excavation, over 100,000 CY embankment material, 90,000 CY of mass concrete and over 1,150 high capacity dam anchors. It will also include a grout curtain and reconstruction of the left and right river banks.

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