Deep Foundation Drilling & Grouting

Soil Nailing / Shotcrete

Stabilizing terrain using innovative soil nailing and shotcrete methods.

Soil Nailing / Shotcrete

The Brayman Team completed the drilling and installation of 1250 Nails and installed 29,000 SF of shotcrete as part of the CONSOL Coal Refuse Disposal Area 7 Project in Greene County, Pennsylvania.
Work consisted of 2 temporary "fill walls", needed to support the existing roadway in fill areas until new MSE walls could be constructed and 2 permanent "cut walls", needed in areas where the new third lane construction required cutting existing embankments.
Brayman was subcontracted to install a 5719 SF soil nail wall as part of a spillway expansion project at the North Fork Dam near Black Mountain, NC. Both soil nails and tieback anchors were installed on this wall which served as a slope stabilization measure for construction of a permanent access road on the site.

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