Deep Foundation Drilling & Grouting

Soil Nailing / Shotcrete

Stabilizing terrain using innovative soil nailing and shotcrete methods.

Soil Nailing / Shotcrete

This Cadiz Ohio slope repair project was a crucial endeavor aimed at preventing further strain on an adjacent pipeline.
The Brayman Team completed the drilling and installation of 1250 Nails and installed 29,000 SF of shotcrete as part of the CONSOL Coal Refuse Disposal Area 7 Project in Greene County, Pennsylvania.
Work consisted of 2 temporary "fill walls", needed to support the existing roadway in fill areas until new MSE walls could be constructed and 2 permanent "cut walls", needed in areas where the new third lane construction required cutting existing embankments.
Brayman was subcontracted to install a 5719 SF soil nail wall as part of a spillway expansion project at the North Fork Dam near Black Mountain, NC. Both soil nails and tieback anchors were installed on this wall which served as a slope stabilization measure for construction of a permanent access road on the site.

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