Deep Foundation Drilling & Grouting

High Capacity Dam Anchors

Installing high-capacity anchors for enhanced dam security and longevity.

High Capacity Dam Anchors

The Kerr Dam Spillway Stabilization Project includes one pre-production post-tensioned rock anchor on the top of the dam, 48 production post-tensioned anchors across the downstream face of the spillway, and a temporary platform for access to the spillway locations.
Brayman Construction was awarded a contract to provide specialized construction services in support of a dam improvement project located on the Dan River near Eden, North Carolina.
Brayman Construction was awarded a contract to provide specialized construction services in support of a dam improvement project located on the Broad River in Cleveland County, North Carolina.
This project involved the installation of 212 high capacity rock anchors, ranging from six to 61 strands, to upgrade the stability of the existing dam.
This project exemplified Brayman's ability to offer "one stop shopping" for construction services by featuring several capabilities including high capacity dam anchors, temporary shoring, and driven piling.
Brayman was selected to install 50 epoxy coated dam anchors, which upgraded the structure to current federal dam safety standards.
Post tension anchors, spillway access platforms, underwater anchors, increased dam height via post tensioned pre-cast panels, 2 mile access road, shoring, caissons, soil nail wall, this job had it all.
Brayman was contracted to provide specialty construction services in support of the Dam Safety Assurance (DSA) Phase 3 Project at Bluestone Dam.
Ten vertical drain holes were core drilled from the crest of the dam 120 feet deep into the dam.
The modernization effort at this site will ultimately result in the construction of two new 84-feet wide by 720-feet long chambers to replace the existing 56-feet wide lock currently in operation.
Twenty-three post tensioned dam anchors were installed to upgrade capacity of the dam while working around multiple other sub-contractors in very tight access.
The dam received a structure upgrade in 2018, which included over 16,000-cy of mass concrete, 68-ea high capacity dam anchors, and 175-ea drains.
Brayman Construction was contracted to install five, 61-strand, restressable anchors to drill depths up to 195 feet in a monolith of the lock chamber at Chickamauga Lock and Dam in Chattanooga, TN.
A sheet pile cofferdam was installed down the center of the existing stilling basin to divide the spillway in half in preparation for the Phase 5 Spillway Reconstruction Project.
Brayman was contracted to install underwater anchors to hold a new half mile long boat barrier.
Project consists of 60,000 CY of rock excavation, 65,000 CY common excavation, over 100,000 CY embankment material, 90,000 CY of mass concrete and over 1,150 high capacity dam anchors. It will also include a grout curtain and reconstruction of the left and right river banks.

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