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Specialty Grouting / Instrumentation

Enhancing construction precision with specialty grouting and instrumentation.

Specialty Grouting / Instrumentation

This Ohio slope repair project was a crucial endeavor aimed at preventing further strain on an adjacent pipeline.
At the time one of the largest micropile projects completed in the US. Over 1600 micropiles and Low Mobility Grouting installed in karst Limestone as part of a 320 million dollar plant upgrade.
As part of the third lane expansion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike from MP 67.59-MP 74.59, Brayman performed 30,000-ft of drilling and onsite batching of 16,000-cy of grout to stabilize an abandoned coal mine adjacent to the roadway.
Brayman was contracted to install precast concrete coffer boxes around the pipe to allow for easier access to the pipe for cleaning operations.
Brayman’s scope of work included installation of 11-each large diameter shafts, up to 240-feet deep and 42-inch diameter, which will be used for various utilities.
The new 130-feet long two-lane bridge consisted of a single-span steel beam five-girder structure with new abutments supported by drilled caissons and rock anchors.
Brayman was contracted to provide specialty construction services in support of the Dam Safety Assurance (DSA) Phase 3 Project at Bluestone Dam.
The Prettyboy Dam project involved the installation of an underwater anchorage system necessary to secure the concrete gatehouse to the dam.
Brayman was subcontracted to provide specialty geotechnical construction services in support of a roadway and bridge reconstruction project located between milepost 39.62 and milepost 44.04 along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Allegheny County, PA.
Brayman was subcontracted to install a 5719 SF soil nail wall as part of a spillway expansion project at the North Fork Dam near Black Mountain, NC. Both soil nails and tieback anchors were installed on this wall which served as a slope stabilization measure for construction of a permanent access road on the site.
Installation of 21 micropiles through the existing footer and 24 tiebacks through the existing wall. The micropiles and tiebacks will be tied together with a new retaining wall poured in front of the existing retaining wall.
A sheet pile cofferdam was installed down the center of the existing stilling basin to divide the spillway in half in preparation for the Phase 5 Spillway Reconstruction Project.
Project consists of 60,000 CY of rock excavation, 65,000 CY common excavation, over 100,000 CY embankment material, 90,000 CY of mass concrete and over 1,150 high capacity dam anchors. It will also include a grout curtain and reconstruction of the left and right river banks.

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