Multi-Phase Project: Phase
5 Cofferdam

Bluestone Dam

A sheet pile cofferdam was installed down the center of the existing stilling basin to divide the spillway in half in preparation for the Phase 5 Spillway Reconstruction Project.
West Virginia
United States Army Corps of Engineers
Completion date
general contractor
Brayman Construction
Locks & Dams
Multi-Phase Project: Phase
5 Cofferdam

Bluestone Dam

The project included five each 38-ft diameter cells, four each connecting arches and upstream and downstream transitions. The cells and arches were filled with tremie concrete as well as #57 stone and received a concrete cap. Other work included four each high capacity anchors, installation of a grout curtain beneath the cofferdam and instrumentation.

Crews worked around the clock to meet the expedited schedule of 274 days from Notice of Award with work allowed in the water from May to November.

Bluestone Dam: Phase 5 Cofferdam

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